Thanks to over twenty years in the industry and the amazing individuals that make up Boostworks, we really understand people and what drives them. And we want to share our insight into people, to help you boost your people.

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Boostworks introduces next-gen solutions

Hello! 👋 It’s been a monumental few days for us as we proudly introduce our advanced mobile app and SaaS platform. Hooray! This innovation in our tech is rooted in..

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How to support your employees’ social wellbeing in the workplace

More than a buzzword, social wellbeing is a key aspect when it comes to a person’s overall wellbeing. It not only impacts how people feel and behave generally, but also..

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Top five ways to keep your employees engaged in the modern workplace

Keeping employees happy, motivated and connected with their work is a constant challenge for all businesses, now more than ever. Today’s work environments are very different from how they were..

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Three ways employee wellbeing boosts employee engagement

Ensuring the wellbeing of your employees should be a no-brainer. Not only because it’s your responsibility as an employer to look after your employees, but also because employee wellbeing has..

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