Make life better with boost-worthy benefits

Whether you’ve already got awesome benefits in place for your people or want to make some exciting additions to your offering, we make it easy for your people to feel boosted by your business. Choose from useful, engaging salary-sacrifice benefits from top UK providers and bring everything neatly together into your Boostworks platform.

It’s not just about ticking boxes

For your people to feel truly boosted by your business, you need benefits that are relevant, valuable and exciting. They need to actually work for your people and truly lift them up. Not just look good on your company website. Beyond that, your benefits need to be easy to find and easy to use. Luckily enough, we can make that happen!

Thanks to our trusted UK benefits partners and brilliantly flexible technology (if we do say so ourselves), we can boost your benefits offering and bring it all together so you can rest easy that your people know where to go to enjoy the perks of being part of your business. Sound good?

Take a look at some of our awesome partners…

Cycle to work scheme

Give all of your people the opportunity to enjoy cheaper bikes and a healthier lifestyle on two wheels.

  • No £1,000 spending limit, allowing cycles for all abilities!
  • Individuals hire their bikes and own them at the end of the scheme.
  • Either pay-as-you-go or finance the whole scheme.
  • Individuals pay through salary sacrifice – you choose the repayment period.

Childcare vouchers

Minimise childcare costs for your people and make a difference with the UK’s only Social Enterprise Childcare Voucher provider.

  • 100% of profits go to the Employers for Childcare charity for positive social change.
  • Freephone Helpline for useful support and information on legislation and policies.
  • Free, financial advice for your people with the Family Benefits Advice Service.
  • Dedicated support for a simple switch if you’ve already got a scheme in place.

low-cost protection & cover

Give your people access to low-cost insurance policies so they’ve got valuable peace of mind and the support they need, when they need it.

  • Group Income Protection.
  • Group Life Assurance.
  • Group Critical Illness.
  • Private Medical Insurance.

Company pensions service

Choose a pensions service that’s actually looked after, so your people and business benefit long-term.

  • Auto-enrolment support and advice.
  • Holistic financial planning and full pension review service.
  • Fully managed or one-one approach available.
  • Investments actively maintained with ongoing advice.
  • Benefit from monthly pensions admin support.

Tech benefits scheme

Make it easier for your people to get the tech they want,
when they want, so they have access to gadgets that actually excite them.

  • Individuals choose from a fantastic selection of products.
  • Small payments deducted from individual’s salaries every month.
  • Tech delivered to their door so they can enjoy it straight away!
  • No cost to your business – you just unlock the door to awesome tech.

Holiday trading

Give your people the freedom to make their holiday work for them so they can strike a balance that suits them.

  • Individuals simply choose to buy/sell their holiday during a holiday trading window each year.
  • Simple calculator for individuals to weigh up the best option for them.
  • Entitlement automatically calculated depending on your people’s working days.
  • Delivered and supported by us, the Boostworks team.

Bring your benefits together

Given your people access to brilliant benefits? Great – now let’s make sure they can easily enjoy them! We’ll bring your perks into your Boostworks platform – in one easy-to-find space – so your people know where to go to feel boosted. Want to add more benefits? No problem. You have the freedom to view and update your benefits whenever you want to through your Boost Admin Centre.

How we boost

We deliver our solutions from one web platform and mobile app which are branded to your business, so your scheme feels your own.

You’ll have access to self-service features so you can tailor your scheme further, communicate with your people and make the most out of our tech.

Plus, you’ll get monthly insights to measure success, and we’ll deliver regular offer emails to help your people enjoy the great savings they’ve got access to.

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