Lift your people up and celebrate their greatness

We all love to feel genuinely appreciated. That’s why we make recognising your people simple but truly personal. Whether you’re recognising someone’s birthday, celebrating a Long Service milestone or just want to say “thanks”, we’ll help you boost your people in the moments that count.

It's not about just saying “thanks”

Saying “thank you” is one thing, but giving someone that warm, fuzzy feeling that actually gives them a boost is another. We’ve built our recognition solution around flexibility and personality, because we want you and your people to create those moments, together. You choose how, when and why you want to recognise and reward your people so it’s truly authentic to your business. And we’ll be here to provide our expertise and support whenever you need it!

Peer-to-peer team appreciation

Inspire everyday gratitude in your team so achievements and positive moments – whether they’re big or small – never get missed. Individuals just choose who they want to recognise and send them virtual appreciation which gets shared on your social wall. Recognitions can also act as nominations for your reward programme so you’re always boosting those that make a difference!

Reward points & choice

People are unique and we absolutely embrace that. That’s why we deliver rewards to people as points, so they have the freedom to choose something truly personal from our awesome catalogue of products, experiences and vouchers. So, whether they’re an adrenaline junkie or DIY enthusiast, looking for an exciting treat or something practical, we’ve got them covered! You just choose when and why we deliver those points.

Milestone awards

Whether it’s Long Service Awards for your team, Loyalty Rewards for your members or recognising individual’s Birthdays, we’ll help you celebrate your people in the moment in a way that counts. You choose the milestones and the reward value, and we’ll boost your people as and when they reach these memorable points to show them that they’re truly valued.

Self-service rewards for managers

Sometimes people do such great things that saying “thank you” isn’t quite enough. For these moments, we can give the managers in your business the opportunity to give out rewards to their team members to give them the boost they deserve. They decide how many points to award from their own budget and, once sent, the recipient is given the exciting news in a branded email.

Interactive social wall

Feeling part of a team is such a big part of your people feeling valued and respected. Your social wall gives individuals that opportunity to connect with others and feel part of something special. Not only can they see when others have been recognised, they can upload photos, personalise their profile and ‘like’, comment on and share posts to truly connect with your culture, wherever they are.

How we boost

We deliver our solutions from one web platform and mobile app which are branded to your business, so your scheme feels your own.

You’ll have access to self-service features so you can tailor your scheme further, communicate with your people and make the most out of our tech.

Plus, you’ll get valuable insights to measure success, and we’ll deliver regular emails to help your people enjoy the great savings they’ve got access to.

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