Who we boost

Our mission is to help every person, in every UK organisation, thrive! We’re proud to work with organisations across multiple sectors, spanning employers, membership organisations, umbrella companies and recruitment agencies. While we have the same toolkit of technology to lift people up, we tailor our approach and use different areas of expertise to truly make the boosts work!

We boost employees

Let’s boost your employee benefits and rewards to lift your team up, connect colleagues and build an engaged culture where everyone feels empowered, respected and celebrated.

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We boost members

We partner with organisations and associations of all sizes, to give their members truly awesome benefits and rewards. Want to boost your membership offering?

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We boost contractors

Whether you work for an umbrella company or recruitment agency, we can help you reward and support your contractors and temporary workers with brilliant perks that keep them thriving.

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If you’re curious about who we are and what we do, then let’s have a chat! We’re always keen to have conversations with people and would love to learn more about you, your organisation’s goals and, of course, the people you’d like to boost.

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