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Boostworks Unveil New White Paper ‘The Heart of Workplace Engagement’

Boostworks are the UK leaders in people engagement. We understand better than anyone that building a thriving workplace culture is tough – and it doesn’t happen overnight! That’s why we’re on a mission to help businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape that surrounds employee engagement, so they can cultivate a culture that motivates people and drives success. 

To do this, we commissioned in-depth research that delves into the impact of emotional empathy on employee morale, the pivotal role of managers and peers in recognition, and the necessity for transparent communication. Our latest white paper, ‘The Heart of Workplace Engagement’, shares insights and expertise from over 3,000 HR professionals, C-suite executives, and employees to empower you to transform your workplace culture. So, are you up for the challenge? 

Download ‘The Heart of Workplace Engagement’ today to unlock vital insights into the relationships between C-suite executives, HR professionals and employees, and how to bridge the gaps between them – you may not always see them, but they’re there!

Our research has uncovered a significant discrepancy between employee needs for recognition and what is actually given, underscoring a substantial gap in leadership practices where the emotional and professional needs of employees are not being fully met.

While 70% of employees highlight the importance of recognition, only 42% of employees receive regular recognition from their CEOs. It’s clearly time for change!

What’s more, we discovered further gaps between C-suite and employees. While 76% of C-suite executives believe communication is open, worryingly only 51% of employees feel the same.

This is understandable given a lack of agreement on the frequency of communication. Take reward and recognition as an example. A quarter of employees desire more frequent updates on rewards and recognition. Meanwhile, 40% of HR professionals and 39% of C-suite executives agree on communicating about rewards every 2-3 months.

It's time to recognise, repeat!

So how do you bridge the gaps?

Well, the journey towards a thriving workplace culture is a collective endeavour, demanding a strategic approach to align recognition practices with the holistic aspirations of employees. That means lifting the words off the page and encouraging regular and transparent communication about rewards, recognition, and company values.

Oh, and it doesn’t end there! Businesses must prioritise emotional connections and recognise the unsung heroes – line managers and peers. By fostering a culture of recognition and leading the way for more transparent communications, you can boost engagement, satisfaction and retention. And that’s ultimately what’ll help your people and your business thrive.

Embrace change. Encourage appreciation. Elevate your culture.

Transforming your workplace culture is not an overnight endeavour. But with the help of our insights, you can make consistent improvements that align with your business goals and the needs of your people, ultimately boosting everyone involved.

Think of our white paper as a roadmap that will help you navigate the path to a truly thriving workplace culture. So, are you ready to begin the transformation journey? Delve into ‘The Heart of Workplace Engagement’ today and together we can revolutionise workplace engagement and unlock the power of recognition to drive success.

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