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Boostworks releases latest white paper ‘Beyond the Salary Slip’

At Boostworks, we get people better than anyone. We truly understand people’s idiosyncrasies and their complexities. That’s why we’ve commissioned in-depth research to shed light on the attitudes and challenges that shape our collective efforts to boost people through meaningful benefits, rewards and recognition strategies – and to help other businesses navigate their own benefits strategies.

Together, we can boost people and provide them with the benefits that truly make a positive difference. So, keep reading to discover more about our latest white paper ‘Beyond the Salary Slip’, and the vital insights it uncovers.

In a landscape of rapid change and emerging workforce trends, HR professionals and business leaders across the UK face a pivotal challenge: evolving benefit, reward, and recognition strategies to meet the nuanced needs of today’s employees. And we want to change that!

Our extensive research, incorporating insights from over 3,000 HR professionals, C-suite, and employees, delves into the sentiments surrounding benefit programmes in the workplace – from the people directly impacted by them.

The outcome of this work has been neatly packaged into a white paper that you can read and digest as a source of opinions, but also as a guide on how to better meet the needs and aspirations of your people. The best part? ‘Beyond the Salary Slip’ is available to download now.

The findings of the research paint a compelling picture, with a mere 40% of employee benefits being utilised and 47% of employees feeling undervalued, believing leaders are out of touch with their benefit preferences.

The results also reveal that a concerning 54% of employees are rarely, if ever, consulted about benefits schemes that directly impact their work-life satisfaction.

So, what do these voices tell us? Simply put, there’s a unanimous call for more meaningful recognition. After all, employees deserve to be appreciated, recognised and rewarded for their hard work and achievements in ways that resonate with them!

Nearly half of employees feel undervalued

Discover the power of a strategic benefits approach

Through our research, you can unearth the transformative power of a strategic approach to delivering benefits and find out how the right strategy can meet the twin peaks of employee contentment and business prowess.

Plus, you will also discover that while compensation is now a ‘top-four hope’, a staggering 92% of employees say benefits significantly impact their overall job satisfaction.

Our white paper is not just a mirror reflecting the current gaps and disparities across UK employers and employees. It’s a roadmap to an invigorated Employee Value Proposition (EVP), crafted to engage and propel your workforce towards unwavering motivation and dedication. Think of it as a guide to boosting your business and people in ways that benefit all parties.

Embrace this opportunity. Empower your people. Evolve your enterprise.

We challenge you to leverage this knowledge, to turn it into action. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of reflection, recalibration, and rejuvenation – to construct a shared vision that celebrates and values every individual in your business.

Download ‘Beyond the Salary Slip’ now and take the first step towards a workplace ecosystem where benefits, including reward, recognition and wellbeing schemes aren’t just procedures or things to look nice on the corporate website. Instead, they’re core factors that create a thriving corporate culture and boost your people’s lives.

Ready to transform your workplace?

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